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10 New Boats For The HRCST Fleet!

10 new boats for the HRCST fleet!

We have 10 fantastic new Optibat ‘SailQube’ boats thanks to our 21<sup>st</sup> Birthday Celebration Dinner. The boats were delivered on Monday 25 June and by the end of the week children from across the Lizard were enjoying their sailing lessons on the new craft.

There is a confusing array of names to describe the different types of boat in our dinghy fleet. Just when you’ve learned to identify them, a new model arrives on the scene. Sailing Instructor Sammy Hubbard explains:

What’s a SailQube?
The SailQube is the newest design of Optibat and has been chosen for our beginners because it’s a very stable, indestructible sailing boat that can also be rigged up to race.

I’ve heard of an Optimist but what is an Optibat?
Optibats are the plastic durable version of Optimists.  Optimists are the fibreglass racing boats that we don’t have as they would get destroyed in about a week.

The great thing about having new optibats is that we are teaching so many large groups of beginners now that we were having to double up which means less time at the helm per child. [HRCST teaches whole class groups of up to 30 children during term-times.]

Now we have these lovely brand new oppies we can hope to have children sailing single-handedly for years to come!


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