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Dec 16, 2018 - Sun
Falmouth GB
Wind 11 Knots, SSW
Pressure 1003 mbar
shower rain
Humidity 93%
Clouds 75%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun dec 16
9°C /9°C 14 Knots, S 100% 1009.17 mbar
mon dec 17
11°C /12°C 17 Knots, SSW 96% 1021.68 mbar
tue dec 18
11°C /10°C 33 Knots, S 98% 1008 mbar
wed dec 19
10°C /9°C 9 Knots, WSW 100% 1014.19 mbar
thu dec 20
11°C /11°C 18 Knots, W - 1023.8 mbar

2007 Awards Celebration« Back to News

Our 2007 Awards Celebration was held at RNAS Culdrose. Our grateful thanks go to Captain Phillip Thicknesse who opened the stations gates to around 400 HRCST Supporters, Volunteers Parents and Children and to all those who worked behind the scenes to make it such an enjoyable evening.

World and Olympic Sailing Champion Ben Ainslie, who started his career sailing an Optimist on the Fal, presented awards to 36 children who had shown exceptional talent enthusiasm or commitment throughout the season.


HRCST founder John Green with Ben, and the Sailors of the Year: Emily Rhodes, Megan Williams, Morag Ransley and Gilbert Radcliffe.


All the award winners with John Green, Ben Ainslee, HRCST Trustees and Instructors.

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Registered charity number 1165396