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Fun in the sun at the HRCST Interschools Regatta

The venue:Porth Saxon beach, 4 July… The weather: Scorchio! The occasion: HRCST’s hotly contested Interschools Regatta, where dozens of young sailors gathered to put all they’ve learned in their after-school sessions into practice. This year’s event saw eight schools and two home…

Medical Maelstrom Trio Michele Sharkey, Anthony Seddon And Sam Freegard

Medical Maelstrom – a tincture of song

We were delighted when Medical Maelstrom offered to give a fundraising performance for HRCST which had the audience in stiches with an evening of up-to-the-minute satire and song devised by Michele Sharkey, Anthony Seddon and Sam Freegard – who also…

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