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Sep 19, 2018 - Wed
Falmouth GB
Wind 13 Knots, SW
Pressure 1011 mbar
Humidity 93%
Clouds 40%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
tue sep 18
18°C /17°C 20 Knots, SW - 1021.9 mbar
wed sep 19
18°C /17°C 22 Knots, SW 83% 1017.58 mbar
thu sep 20
18°C /12°C 25 Knots, SSW 93% 1010.48 mbar
fri sep 21
14°C /11°C 15 Knots, WNW 92% 1021.73 mbar
sat sep 22
15°C /14°C 13 Knots, WNW - 1030.36 mbar

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Rank Fleet Class HelmName CrewName
1st PY Topper Emily Broad
2nd PY Topper Harry Broad
3rd PY Laser Pico Race Gil Ratcliffe
4th PY Topper Euan Dangavel
5th PY Laser Pico Race Rebekah Hosking
6th PY RS Tera Sport Hamish Biggs
7th PY Laser Pico Race Oliver Chamberlain
8th PY Laser Pico Race Megan Williams
9th PY RS Tera Sport Chevonne Johanning
10th PY RS Feva XL Nick Phillips Kitty Brogden
11th PY Topper Jacob Care
12th PY Topper Matt Broad
13th PY Topper William Griffiths
14th PY Topper Edward Hosken
15th PY Laser Pico Race Dan Peck

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