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Dec 16, 2018 - Sun
Falmouth GB
Wind 10 Knots, SSE
Pressure 1003 mbar
shower rain
Humidity 87%
Clouds 20%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun dec 16
10°C /9°C 14 Knots, S 100% 1009.17 mbar
mon dec 17
11°C /12°C 17 Knots, SSW 96% 1021.68 mbar
tue dec 18
11°C /10°C 33 Knots, S 98% 1008 mbar
wed dec 19
10°C /9°C 9 Knots, WSW 100% 1014.19 mbar
thu dec 20
11°C /11°C 18 Knots, W - 1023.8 mbar

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Enormous thanks to our retiring co-Chairman

Christopher Fawell’s contribution to HRCST cannot be overstated. He joined me some 14 years ago, at a most vulnerable time when we were taking over the reins from our founder, John Green, and together we spent several years just assimilating the complex and extraordinary strategic thinking behind John’s vision. That we were able to achieve this and then to build upon it a larger organisation growing every year is in huge part due to Christopher’s tact and diplomacy, combined with a really practical skill for fundraising.

Whilst we will miss him greatly as co-chairman, Christopher has kindly agreed to remain a trustee and adviser to our management committee. We acknowledge and thank him for his magnificent contribution and are delighted that we will still benefit from his experience.

Richard Nathan

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