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Oct 21, 2018 - Sun
Falmouth GB
Wind 12 Knots, N
Pressure 1030 mbar
light rain
Humidity 93%
Clouds 68%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun oct 21
13°C /12°C 8 Knots, NNW 99% 1036.32 mbar
mon oct 22
13°C /9°C 10 Knots, NNE 89% 1046.74 mbar
tue oct 23
14°C /12°C 14 Knots, NW 87% 1043.34 mbar
wed oct 24
15°C /9°C 8 Knots, NNW 87% 1038.69 mbar
thu oct 25
14°C /12°C 4 Knots, N - 1037.15 mbar

Holiday Courses

Courses open to local & visiting children

Our holiday courses have proven to be a great way for visiting and local children to get to know each other through a challenging and rewarding experience. Our team of RYA instructors, safety boat crews and volunteers will ensure that the every session is carefully managed, educational and most importantly fun!

The primary aim of the courses is to get children on the water in sailing dinghies regardless of their prior ability. Occasionally the conditions or the group dynamic may not allow this. In these cases we have many other activities to engage the children in the local marine environment. These include kayaking and rowing as well as water based team-building activities.

During your child’s course we will endeavour to work towards the RYA stage certificate appropriate to their ability. Stages 3 and 4 in particular require a substantial amount of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to complete but we will be happy to update logbooks to record your child’s progress towards certification. If your child already has a logbook please bring it with you on the first day or, if you would like to buy one, please ask an instructor when your drop your child off.

How To Book:

  1. Please find the course you wish to book below, adjust the quantity and click ‘Book this course’.
  2. Please complete the registration form for all sailors.
  3. Finally, please complete the booking by finishing the payment process.

Any questions? Email: martin@nullhrcst.org.uk

2018 courses

About our courses

Children must be aged between a confident 8 years and 14 years old. No previous sailing experience is needed, sailors are grouped according to ability.

We collect the children by boat at 9.30am for morning or 1.30pm for afternoon courses from either Helford River Sailing Club pontoons (Golden Gear steps when the tide is too low), or Helford Passage beach (outside The Ferryboat Inn). If for any reason your child cannot attend please notify us by 8.30am. We return by 12.30pm for morning courses and by 4.30pm for afternoon courses.

All Sailors are fitted with HRCST Buoyancy Aids, but they can wear their own if preferred. Wetsuits are ideal though not absolutely essential. Sailors must have shoes that can get wet. A light windproof jacket is also good, particularly if the forecast is unfavourable. Something to eat and drink on the homeward journey is all part of the fun. A set of dry clothes at the pick up point is a good idea as we can guarantee that they will get wet!

If you have any difficulties or queries please email martin@hrcst.org.uk


For those who are regular customers, you may notice an increase in our prices for 2018, after holding our rates unchanged for several years. We are having to raise prices due to increasing costs and because these courses are not eligible for Gift Aid. We are sure you will agree that this sailing tuition still offers great value for money and of course any profits help the charity to achieve its mission to get children, who wouldn't otherwise be able, to learn to sail single handed.

We have also changed our pricing structure for this year. Historically the morning courses have been more popular, with numbers for the afternoon courses being reduced. For operational reasons we have introduced a discount for the afternoon courses to try and even the numbers out. The course content will not differ.

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Holiday Course Sailing

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