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Dec 16, 2018 - Sun
Falmouth GB
Wind 10 Knots, SSE
Pressure 1003 mbar
few clouds
Humidity 87%
Clouds 20%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun dec 16
10°C /9°C 14 Knots, S 100% 1009.17 mbar
mon dec 17
11°C /12°C 17 Knots, SSW 96% 1021.68 mbar
tue dec 18
11°C /10°C 33 Knots, S 98% 1008 mbar
wed dec 19
10°C /9°C 9 Knots, WSW 100% 1014.19 mbar
thu dec 20
11°C /11°C 18 Knots, W - 1023.8 mbar

May Half-Term PM Joining Instructions

Thank you for your booking on 27th-30th May Half-Term Holiday Course.
The following is important information about the course. If you have any questions, please email martin@nullhrcst.org.uk or call the office on 07555 785102.

Meeting Points

The Meeting Point for the North Bank will always be Ferryboat Beach, Helford Passage.
As the pontoons at Helford River Sailing Club are only accessible by boat at certain states of the tide, if you have chosen the South Bank Meeting Point you may need to walk along the beach to meet us where we can get the boats close to shore. The table below sets out where we will meet you throughout your course. Please see the maps below for clarification on locations.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Drop-off (13:30am) HRSC Pontoons HRSC Pontoons HRSC Pontoons HRSC Pontoons
Pick-up (16:30pm) HRSC Pontoons HRSC Pontoons HRSC Pontoons HRSC Pontoons

Here we shall fit the sailors with HRCST Buoyancy Aids (they may wear their own if preferred). We shall then transport the sailors by boat to our operating beach for that day.

We will return promptly at 16:30pm. Please ensure you arrive in good time to collect your children – Tractors and slow moving vehicles are common on the local roads and the walk along the beach to Treath or Golden Gear takes up to 15mins.

Please note that we require you to collect your children from us on the beach/quay for their safety.

North Bank Map

South Bank Map

Notes for South Bank Locations
Please wait on the stone quay at the head of the pontoons leaving a clear walkway through for HRSC members. The car park and facilities at the sailing club are for members use only. We are guests on their property. Please ensure that our impact on club members and staff is kept to a minimum. Holiday membership of the sailing club is available for those who wish to use these facilities.

What to bring
Please ensure that all sailors arrive in wetsuits and are fitted with study footwear that they can get wet (not flip-flops/crocs!). Lightweight windproof jackets that can get wet are a good idea particularly if the wind is high or rain is forecast. Hats and gloves are also good if particularly susceptible to cold.  You can keep an eye on the weather at http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/Helford.

If you need to report an absence you can reply to this email or call/text us on 07555 785102. Please try and notify us as early as possible as it may affect operational decisions.

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you to the river in a couple of weeks time!

© Helford River Children's Sailing Trust
Registered charity number 1165396