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Curnow School

Curnow School

It’s been another successful term for HRCST’s students with special educational needs – including the post-16-year-olds from Curnow School, seen here enjoying a Thursday morning session at Calamansack.

“Sailing with HRCST is one of the highlights of their year,” said Curnow School group leader Neil Pellow-Firth. “The sessions provide the students with a unique opportunity to develop not just their self confidence and teamwork skills, but also their understanding of water safety. The HRCST team is amazing. Our students and staff love every minute of the experience.”

HRCST chief instructor Mike Comyn added: “Our time with the post-16 students has always been a pleasure and a good laugh. Their enthusiasm reminds us as staff and volunteers why we do this, in all weathers and sea states. For some reason, the sun always seems to shine more often on a Thursday morning than other days – let’s hope we can continue our work with them in the spring of 2018.”

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