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Dec 16, 2018 - Sun
Falmouth GB
Wind 10 Knots, SSE
Pressure 1003 mbar
shower rain
Humidity 87%
Clouds 20%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun dec 16
10°C /9°C 14 Knots, S 100% 1009.17 mbar
mon dec 17
11°C /12°C 17 Knots, SSW 96% 1021.68 mbar
tue dec 18
11°C /10°C 33 Knots, S 98% 1008 mbar
wed dec 19
10°C /9°C 9 Knots, WSW 100% 1014.19 mbar
thu dec 20
11°C /11°C 18 Knots, W - 1023.8 mbar

Interschools Regatta 2018« Back to News

Sun, sea shanties but no sailing at this year’s Interschools Regatta

We had baking sunny weather with almost no breeze for this year’s Interschool regatta. 8 enthusiastic teams participated from our schools and competed in rigging, kayaking, a sailing quiz, and as a result of no wind, rowing! All teams that took part completed every round, and the sea shanty competition at the end was possibly the best I have ever had the pleasure of judging – with a most fantastic entry from Wendron Primary School written by one of the team members, Alice Game.

Congratulations to all teams who took part and succeeded in scoring so many points for their school, and a special thank you to all the coordinators and parents without whom we would not be able to put on this event. It was a pleasure to run and we look forward to organising it again next year, perhaps with a bit more wind!

Sammy Hubbard, Sailing Instructor

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