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Medical Maelstrom – A Tincture Of Song

Medical Maelstrom – a tincture of song

We were delighted when Medical Maelstrom offered to give a fundraising performance for HRCST which had the audience in stiches with an evening of up-to-the-minute satire and song devised by Michele Sharkey, Anthony Seddon and Sam Freegard – who also happen to be GPs.

“We have performed well over a hundred shows, almost all of them for local charities,” explains Sam, who holidayed on the Helford area as a child and has worked for the NHS in the Duchy for more than 30 years. “We reckon it’s an easier way of lending our support than running a marathon or having our heads shaved!”

Sam adds: “The HRCST is a fantastic cause to support. I feel that every child – or as many of them as possible – should have the joy of experiencing first-hand the magic of the Helford Estuary. And, best of all, to experience it from on the water – hence our willingness to support HRCST.”

HRCST co-chairman Charles Richardson, “We’re increasing our fund-raising efforts to continue our river operations and to ensure that our Trevassack dream becomes a reality – so we’re incredibly grateful to our medical friends for offering to perform.”

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