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Nov 14, 2018 - Wed
Falmouth GB
Wind 11 Knots, S
Pressure 1017 mbar
scattered clouds
Humidity 93%
Clouds 40%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed nov 14
12°C /12°C 14 Knots, S 92% 1023.67 mbar
thu nov 15
15°C /12°C 12 Knots, SSE 91% 1022.91 mbar
fri nov 16
13°C /14°C 11 Knots, SE 99% 1027.35 mbar
sat nov 17
14°C /11°C 16 Knots, ESE 93% 1029.78 mbar
sun nov 18
13°C /13°C 23 Knots, ESE - 1031.85 mbar


The gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun both affect the Earth’s tides. When Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment (at the time of the new or full moon), the solar tide has an additive effect on the lunar tide, creating extra-high high tides, and very low, low tides — both commonly called spring tides.

One week later, when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other, the solar tide partially cancels out the lunar tide and produces moderate tides known as neap tides. During each lunar month, two sets of spring and two sets of neap tides occur.

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