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Dec 15, 2018 - Sat
Falmouth GB
Wind 21 Knots, SSW
Pressure 998 mbar
moderate rain
Humidity 100%
Clouds 90%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sat dec 15
13°C /8°C 19 Knots, S 97% 1006.1 mbar
sun dec 16
10°C /9°C 20 Knots, S 100% 1005.18 mbar
mon dec 17
12°C /12°C 17 Knots, SW 96% 1020.73 mbar
tue dec 18
12°C /10°C 29 Knots, S 94% 1010.5 mbar
wed dec 19
12°C /11°C 28 Knots, WSW - 1012 mbar

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Sailing_002Just had to put this picture up: Josh, a novice this year, has had about 4 sessions actually sailing (just look at that confidence!) and he is shouting “Land Ahoy!” at his compatriots on the beach, having just sailed about 1/2 mile from the middle of the mouth of the Helford. Rock on Mike!

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