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These are exceptional times: government guidelines on ‘social distancing’ and the resulting closure of primary schools have made it necessary to suspend both our schools and holiday course activities until June. We continue to review the situation and will do our utmost to be ready to provide lessons as soon as guidelines allow.

Like many other charities, we have taken measures to reduce our costs. We have made difficult decisions about where to direct limited resources and have applied to the government scheme to retain jobs.

We have asked those who have already booked a holiday course with us to transfer their booking to a summer holiday course where practical, or to consider transferring to a sailing course in 2021.

As we redouble our fundraising efforts, we are asking for your support through these unprecedented times. It is worth re-stating that a sailing session costs £25 per week for one child out of a group of 30, or £450 for the entire 18-week season. With this in mind we ask, if you are able, that you donate the cost of a sailing session – £25. All donations will go towards keeping us afloat as we navigate these unchartered waters.

As life returns to normal, we believe our activities will be an important outlet for restoring the physical and mental wellbeing of young people. Our message is simple: support us so that we can be ready to start sailing lessons again as soon as permitted.


Simon Osborne


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