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Oct 21, 2018 - Sun
Falmouth GB
Wind 12 Knots, N
Pressure 1030 mbar
light rain
Humidity 93%
Clouds 68%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun oct 21
13°C /12°C 8 Knots, NNW 99% 1036.32 mbar
mon oct 22
13°C /9°C 10 Knots, NNE 89% 1046.74 mbar
tue oct 23
14°C /12°C 14 Knots, NW 87% 1043.34 mbar
wed oct 24
15°C /9°C 8 Knots, NNW 87% 1038.69 mbar
thu oct 25
14°C /12°C 4 Knots, N - 1037.15 mbar

Regatta Report: May 2009« Back to News

Children have a fantastic day sailing at the HRCST sailing regatta!!!!

Report by Alex Hayton

On the 3.7.09 children from many schools who work with HRCST, joined together on Grebe beach for a big regatta

They did a lot of exciting challenges involving: Ropes, Rowing and even a big sailing race.

The children also had a choice if there group wanted to do a sea shanty and gain some extra points!!!! Alex Hayton , a pupil from one of the participating schools (Wendron) says, “I loved the Regatta the trust had a lot of good ideas which let us kids have a fab time whilst learning loads about sailing!!!!”

In the end all the participating teams joined together and after a big thanks to the staff they discovered that surprisingly Wendron won again (that’s twice in a row!!!!)

In a nutshell it was a very enjoyable and exciting day!!!!

© Helford River Children's Sailing Trust
Registered charity number 1165396