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Feb 16, 2019 - Sat
Falmouth GB
Wind 14 Knots, S
Pressure 1021 mbar
overcast clouds
Humidity 100%
Clouds 90%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sat feb 16
13°C /10°C 15 Knots, S 96% 1026.62 mbar
sun feb 17
11°C /10°C 14 Knots, SSW 97% 1017.18 mbar
mon feb 18
10°C /7°C 12 Knots, WSW 96% 1018.89 mbar
tue feb 19
10°C /8°C 10 Knots, SW 95% 1024.93 mbar
wed feb 20
12°C /11°C 24 Knots, SSW - 1023.66 mbar

Super Sailor, Skye« Back to Bulletin

Skye loved nothing more than pulling on her wetsuit and wet shoes and jumping into a sailing boat.  She was a warm-hearted girl who didn’t mind her younger sister jumping on board too.  With her heart beating excitedly, she would sprint down to the harbour and leap into her rigged Laser Pico.  She would sail just outside the harbour many times and try and race the other boats that were going in or out of the harbour.  As sailing can become a little boring when there is no wind, she would imagine that she was in the roughest sea conditions or that she was swimming with whales or dolphins – and then it came to her: her ambition in life was to sail around the world in a catamaran with her younger sister and swim with wales or dolphins, whatever the conditions.  She was going to be the best sailor in the world.

Skye was a mischievous child and didn’t mind trying anything new, especially in a sailing boat.  She would capsize many times, but that is not what made her the courageous girl she is now.  Whenever she left Cornwall, she would feel irritated as that meant no sailing for at least a week.  That seemed ages for Skye.  It would take much effort from her parents to persuade her to come as she was a very stubborn girl, but she was very thankful to her parents.  Whenever she was dragged away on holiday, she would use her creative imagination to make her think she was sailing anywhere in the world…

Whenever Skye was speeding around the harbour, her frizzy (now sun-bleached) brown hair would dance in the wind.  Smiling happily, her emerald-green eyes would always shine like there was a light inside them making them brighten up everyone’s day.  Many freckles covered her face like a swarm of bees.  Smiling was her way to get everyone to like her and her cheesy grin did just that. Whenever Skye wasn’t in her boat, she could hear the boat calling her. Her clothes were usually never worn as she felt most at home in a wetsuit.  If there was ever a blanket of snow, she could feel a rich of excitement flood through her.  It was the best time to sail, as the chill weather meant strong winds.

Eventually it was her birthday and there was a new boat in the harbour.  She went to check it out and, on the water, floated the grandest boat she had ever seen. Surprisingly, it was a Feva XL, the latest type of high-performance racing dinghy.  On the side it read ‘Super Skye’ and, underneath that, it said ‘For your 12thbirthday’.  This had to be the best birthday ever: it was the next path to becoming the best sailor in the world – her dream.

Heloise Kennedy, September 2018.

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