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Sep 19, 2018 - Wed
Falmouth GB
Wind 13 Knots, SSW
Pressure 1011 mbar
Humidity 93%
Clouds 75%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
tue sep 18
18°C /17°C 20 Knots, SW - 1021.9 mbar
wed sep 19
18°C /17°C 22 Knots, SW 83% 1017.58 mbar
thu sep 20
18°C /12°C 25 Knots, SSW 93% 1010.48 mbar
fri sep 21
14°C /11°C 15 Knots, WNW 92% 1021.73 mbar
sat sep 22
15°C /14°C 13 Knots, WNW - 1030.36 mbar

Trevassack Lake


For many years the Trustees have planned for the Trust to have its own base, and raised considerable sums held in reserve for this purpose. A major step – arguably the biggest step since the Trust was formed in 1997 – towards this goal has now been taken with the recent purchase of Trevassack Quarry Lake.

River and Lake

First and foremost, we should emphasise that this is not a move away from the Helford River. The Trustees are very clear that the Helford River will remain the home and primary operating base of HRCST. However we have reached the limit of what we can achieve on the river with the facilities we have and the natural restrictions of the river.

Trevassack Lake is a flooded former quarry, just two miles south of the river. Most importantly, it is ideally situated for the schools served by the charity and has plenty of scope for development. The lake is about 10 acres set in 25 acres of land.

Plans for the Lake

The site was purchased in September 2015, with funds the Trust had accumulated specifically for this purpose, mostly donated through a small number of very generous legacy gifts.

Work is now in hand with professional advisors to complete the planned layout of the site. These plans are intended to make the property as accessible as possible to children of all abilities, and for as long a season as possible.

A fully accessible learning centre with catering facilities will provide for all-weather tuition. Accessible changing rooms and toilets will complement all manner of water-craft, including access sailing boats, kayaks, SUP’s and canoes, all served by custom-designed hoists.

A range of land-based experiences will also feature to broaden children’s experience of the natural environment.

Children of all abilities will be able to reach their potential on and beside the water.

It is hoped that with sufficient funding specially designed accessible lodges will be built to make Trevassack accessible to children and their families for longer stays, and from further afield.

Trevassack will give the Trust the opportunity to offer more courses to more schools and to work with a wider diversity of children.

An artist’s impression of the Trevassack Lake project

Fundraising and Operating

The plans for the Lake are ambitious in design and the intended impact on children of all abilities. It is expected that our main efforts through 2017 will be to finalise the designs, install basic infrastructure to the site, and undertake the fundraising necessary to proceed.

The total cost is likely to require £3 million to develop to the high environmental and access standards which will be needed to minimise ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

This will only be achieved if we can engage the local community, especially schools and other organisations who recognise the potential from this special place. We will need more instructors and more boats. And we will need more volunteers to help develop the site and run the operations.

This is a major step for HRCST. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to help us achieve our ambitious goals.


Become a Friend of HRCST

Financial contributions from our friends are vital to enable the Trust to continue its work.


Swimming at the lake
Swimming at the lake

Trevassack Lake

Floating Classroom

A big thank you to everyone who took the trouble to vote for HRCST’s entry in the Aviva Community Fund competition last year.  We applied for £25,000 to build a floating classroom and we managed to get 4,198 votes.  We didn’t win but we gained a huge amount of positive publicity from this national, high profile competition and we plan to try again next time!

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